Benefits of Container Gardening

Aside from the obvious reasons of space, or the lack of a yard, container gardening has many benefits over traditional ground planting. For example, it allows you to be creative with your garden set up, and allows you to continue rearranging throughout the growing season. You can also experiment with different colours, sizes, and shapes of containers to add height, depth, and texture to your garden, no matter what you want to grow or what type of space you have.

Weeding and watering are also made much easier with container gardening. Watering is made simple when all your plants are in one location, and almost any container can be used as a watering can. Having your garden in pots makes a huge difference with weeding too. Having a smaller space to weed is nice, and fewer weeds have the chance to make it into your garden. This is especially important for older people or people with mobility issues that prevent them from going out into a large garden. Having your garden in containers also gives you the opportunity to have them raised from the ground on stands, benches, patios, or tables, and allows you to more easily access them. You save your back, and have less traveling around your garden with a container setup.

Pests and disease are less problematic in container gardens, and having your garden in a movable arrangement allows you to move ones that may need more or less light, or that may be needing to be removed, more easy to manage. Having a potted garden also lets you have more flexibility in the types of plants you can grow, and less problems with wildlife like deer, depending on where you choose to place your garden. You can also have many different soil types across your container garden, whereas in traditional gardening, this is much more difficult to achieve. This allows you to have cactus, ferns, and flowers all in the same garden; something that would be much harder to achieve if they were all planted in the ground, because each of them have very different soil requirements, ranging from arid and dry, to damp and heavy.

Planting a container garden is also a great way to begin to garden for people who have little experience with growing food or flowers. It is a nice way to add colour to a patio, provide food, and grow the things you love. Containers can be grouped together to add impact, or can be spread out across an area for a fuller look. One of the best things about container gardening is that if you get bored with the way that your garden is arranged, you can easily move the containers and have a completely new arrangement. Aside from Container Gardening being a great way to grow plants with very little space, it’s fun, and can be any size you want it to be. You may only want to have a few herbs and a couple other plants, or maybe you want to go all out and have 40 or more planters, it does not matter.