Planting Vegetables Fruits and Flowers in the same Space

Many gardeners today are interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables and are looking for ways to incorporate them into their flower gardens. Many types of fruits and vegetables have beautiful flowers that turn into edible harvests, making them both an attractive addition to your garden, and an economic one too. Think about how nice it would be to be able to grow the plants and flowers you love and being able to enjoy their blossoms and also their fruits.

Many fruit trees, like apples, pears, and cherries have gorgeous blossoms in spring and early summer that when ripe, can provide fruits for several weeks or months well into late summer. Fruiting trees make for impressive backdrops that can be planted at the back of a garden plot to add height, of can be planted in groups or individually in the middle of gardens to bring interest to your space. Cherries are especially fragrant and are great plants for those looking to attract bees and pollinators to their gardens.

Some vegetables also have great blooms and foliage. Many squashes, zucchinis, and potatoes have impressive yellow, white, or even blue flowers that bloom in the summer and bear fruit in late summer and fall. These varieties of vegetables are great trailing plants that can cover a large area very quickly and are best if planted near the edges of a garden to make it easier for them to grow, as they require space and also makes it easier to harvest them. Some fruits and vegetables can even be built onto trellises in larger gardens, adding height, and can be used to divide and break up other elements in the garden. Beans, peas, and some squash need trellises or supports to grow and are perfect additions to a flower and vegetable garden.

Strawberries are native to many regions and are fast growing ground cover. Strawberries have a white or pink flower and trail quickly across areas of the garden that need to be covered. They create clones of themselves as they reach out with small arm like stems and create individual plant copies of themselves as that arm comes into contact with soil. It is because of this that strawberries are a great solution to covering large areas of space, but could also be planted in pots if space is something that you have not got a lot of. Strawberries planted in pots and containers can be placed higher up, or can be planted in tall containers because they are excellent hanging plants and add interest to your garden.

Many fruiting shrubs like blueberries, and other vegetable producing plants like tomatoes, can be added to existing gardens easily, and create interest by breaking up tradition and adding something unique to the space. Many fruits and vegetables produce a harvest just as the majority of flowers are coming to a finish for the season. Many of them prefer the heat and sun in late summer that is too intense for many annual flowers and are a good addition to the garden because they continue, often times, right into the fall.