What a Landscaping business can do for you

Are you tired of spending your Saturdays during the summer mowing, raking, fertilizing and otherwise grooming your lawn and flowers? How about the time you spend in the winter shoveling snow, do you enjoy that?

While we all want our landscapes to have a well-cared for look, few of us enjoy doing the labor that is required to have a beautiful lawn and colorful flowers. That’s where professional landscapers can step in and do the work for you so you can have a lush, green outdoor space plus free time to spend doing something more enjoyable than yard work.

Here are just a few of the services a landscaping business can  provide for your home landscape.

Lawn Care

A landscaping business can install a lawn and take care of it year around. Start with grass seeds or sod, let the pros get a lush green lawn growing for you. They will take care of the soil preparation, seeding or laying, then return on a regular basis to feed, weed and mow the lawn.

Lawn care also includes fall raking, thatch removal, overseeding, aeration, fertilization and pest control.

Irrigation System

If your landscape needs an irrigation system to keep the grass and flowers well hydrated, a landscaping

business can install and maintain the type of system your outdoor space needs.

Flower Beds

A landscaping business can start from scratch and design flower beds that will compliment the style of your home and work with the contours of your yard. After designing the shape of the flower beds, the pros can pick out the right plants and shrubs that will thrive in your landscape. The plants will also be fed, pruned and tended to as needed by knowledgeable staff members.

Many companies will also build and plant raised bed vegetable gardens for their clients who want to grow fresh, organic vegetables in their backyard.

Snow Removal

Areas that have plenty of snowfall during the winter can also have that snow removed by a local landscape business. No more shoveling for you, let the pros handle the task.

Free Estimates

Reputable landscaping businesses will provide you with a free estimate for the work you want to have done. They will come to your home and walk the landscape and listen to your needs and wants, then draw up a plan and provide a free estimate for your consideration. When you partner with a landscaping business, you can have the landscape you always wanted without doing all the work yourself.